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Drones for Dam Surveying

Reduce Risk, increase safety, reduce cost and time

Safe & cost-effective

Reduce human errors and exposure to hazardous situations.


Deliverable results are compatible to Transfer any digital asset management system for analysis.


Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability.

Service & maintenance

Customer satisfaction and quality services, assistance with operational matters.

Aerial Dam Mapping & Inspections using Drones consists of 3 phases

Fly & Collect data

Analyse Images

Generate Report

Surveying and Mapping

Easily achieve your end-to-end solution

Reduce field time and survey costs

Provide accurate and exhaustive data

Mapping of inaccessible areas

Water Dam Inspection

Drones offer unique opportunities for dam surveying and large-scale structures monitoring. With the help of Drones, performing the surveying, inspection, and routine maintenance of Water Dam infrastructure safely and efficiently while reducing costs and delivering greater value.

Offering safety hazards and reducing time and human efforts to carry out Dam wall inspections. Our help carries out regular inspections but also helps identify and gather aerial data. We assure you to give High-resolution photos and videos of the Water Dam.

Dams play a crucial role in water resources development and management and dam surveying is essential to ensure human and environmental health. From irrigation and hydro power to water supply and flood control, both single and multi-purpose dams are critical to economic growth and global health.

How effects come across structural inconsistencies

Structural Preservation

Identify cracks and leading-edge erosion with high resolution cameras and sensors.

Locate Defects

With the help of Drone you can easily identify defects.

Taking Condition Reporting to the Next Level:

Ability to see further

Clarity on sub-structural defects

Direct comparison with optical image

Actionable repairs can be visualized

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