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Latest news about Drone : applications, technology, regulatory


Eagletronics Aviation association with Udaan Aviation Academy, Mumbai are provided online course on Fundamentals of Drone Operations.In the course we are provided session on Survey and mapping. Duration: 3 Days 2hrs/Day MODULES COVERED Introduction to UAV and Multi-sector Applications Drone Laws Aerial Mapping and Surveying AUDIENCE IN FOCUS  Drone Enthusiasts, Hobbyists  Drone Applications Entrepreneurs Students [...]

Islampur city : Drone Surveillance

Team Eagletronics Aviation have completed Drone Surveillance Operation in Islampur city. Team have performed Drone operation in the presence of Hon. Mr. Krushnat Pingale DYSP Islampur Police Station and Hon. Namdev Deshmukh PI Islampur Police Station. The Purpose of the Drone operation is to monitor Current scenarios With advanced UAV technology. Eagletronics Aviation Team has [...]

Webinar:UAV Overview & Industrial Application

Eagletronics Aviation is collaboration with Udaan Aviation Academy hosting online webinar on UAV Overview and Industrial Applications of Drones. It's your opportunity to explore the UAV technology, Drone fundamentals, Operations and Industrial Applications. Date : Thursday - 2nd July, 2020Time : 5 PM (1700 hrs IST) Participant Profile :1) Drone Hobbyists and Professionals2) Aviation and [...]

Drone Registration started by DGCA

Good news for Indian Drone Industry There are many drone owner’s who missed getting a DAN in Jan 2020. The Ministry of Civil Aviation through Public Notice No. AV-13024/12/2019-SDIT-MoCA dated 8 June 2020 restarted the enrolment of drones on Digital sky portal. In order to facilitate the identification of all civil drones and drone operators, […]

“Drone surveillance by Eagletronics Aviation during Covid-19 Pandemic”

India is under lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus,It is impossible to know what is happening where especially now - when we are needed to keep just a little restraint and stay indoors. Drones can go the extra mile and do what exhausted and overworked officers from our protecting forces cannot - watch over [...]

“Drones For Covid-19 Pandemic”

Considering using Camera drones for surveillance during COVID-19? This is how we do it.  Team up with local Government  Put SOPs in place that ensure drone images are not used for anything unethical, irresponsible or unsafe   Seek permissions  Inform the local community that these drones are used for their health and safety  Follow all safety […]

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