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Fixed-Wing Drone Training

Get hands-on experience on Customized  Fixed-Wing Drones

Train with Eagletronics Aviation

Certified Instructors

Real Time Flying Training

Simulator Training

Training Certificate

Training Curriculum

Day 1

  1. Regulations of DGCA, Civil Aviation Requirements
  2. Basic principles of flight
  3. Fixed-Wing operations and Aerodynamics
  4. Advantages/ Disadvantages of Fixed-wing
  5. Detailed subsystem knowledge and how to choose it for a system
  6. Flight Simulator Training

Day 2

  1. Subsystem integration and testing
  2. Flight simulator training 

Day 3

  1. Auto pilot setup using mission planner
  2. Payload, installation and utilisation
  3. Practical flying with instructor 

Day 4

  1. Autonomous mission planning
  2. Practical Flying with instructor/Solo Flying

For what reason should you do this training?

  Learn where to fly drone and how to fly legally in India.

  Get trained from expert instructors.

  Perfect Course for First Time Flyers and career.

  You already fly but want to improve your flying skills and knowledge.

  Learn Emergency Procedures.

  Trained on the industrial-grade subsystem to make a proper system.

  Want to take real time field experience with equipment.

Let’s connect with us if you have any queries.

For Enrolment

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