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Customised Lithium Ion Batteries

We believe in delivering optimum services with the combination of latest technologies.In a cost effective manner taking into consideration our clients requirement.

Ultra-high Power Cell

Why Molicel?

  • High discharge current. Rated for continuous 20A discharge
  • pulse discharge in excess of 50A
  • Fast charge 2C+
  • Exceptional cycle life with consistent performance
  • Low temperature operation down to -40°C
  • High thermal stability, high reliability
  • Very low impedance

Product Specifications

Product No. INR-21700-P42A

Nominal Voltage (V) 3.6 V

Typical Capacity (Ah) 4.2 Ah

Discharge Current (MAX) 40 A

Dimension (mm) (MAX) Diameter - 21.7mm Height - 70.2mm

Weight (g) (MAX) 70 g

Cell with Unbeatable Power

Cylindrical type has shown smaller space footprint in pack design and outstanding performance in safety control. On top of containing high capacity in single cell, MOLICEL®️’s power cells further present more than 10C discharge rate that gives high-end sports car & racing car excellent performance on extreme power output in short time. This powerful strength also meets the requirement for airborne vehicles especially the vertical take off and landing (VTOL) segment. Moreover our power cell roadmap is targeting toward high charge rate up to 3~4C which would become another key capability to assist electric vehicles makers on charge time improvement.

Charge Characteristics

Discharge Rate Characteristics

Discharge Temperature Characteristics

Cycle Characteristics

Test Report / Certificates

Lithium Ion Batteries for UAV's

8400 mAh

Voltage – 14.8V

Configuration – 4S2P

Capacity – 8400 mAh

Wattage – 120.96 Wh

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12600 mAh

Voltage – 14.8V

Configuration – 4S3P

Capacity – 12600 mAh

Wattage – 181.44 Wh

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16800 mAh

Voltage – 14.8V

Configuration – 4S4P

Capacity – 16800 mAh

Wattage – 241.92 Wh

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21000 mAh

Voltage – 14.8V

Configuration – 4S5P

Capacity –21000 mAh

Wattage – 302.4 Wh

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