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Drone solutions for Powerline Inspection

Power Line Inspection with Eagletronics Aviation

Safe & cost-effective

Reduce human errors and exposure to hazardous situations.


Deliverable results are compatible to Transfer any digital asset management system for analysis.


Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability.

Service & maintenance

Customer satisfaction and quality services, assistance with operational matters.

Powerline Inspection

With the help of drones,Effectively we can inspect and manage Power Lines with greater speed, efficiency, safety and systems for data management. We, Eagletronics Aviation, offer accurate and detailed inspections of Power lines with faster and more cost effectively.

How effects come across structural inconsistencies

Structural Preservation

Identify cracks and leading-edge erosion with high resolution cameras and sensors.

Assembly Errors

Detect assembly errors and reach dangerous or areas difficult to access with Drones.

Locate Defects

With the help of Drone you can easily identify defects.

Aerial wind turbine inspections using drones consists of 3 phases

Fly & Collect data

With experience flying Physical Verification projects, deploy Drones to collect data over the assets.

Process and Analyze

The sensor data is processed by photogrammetry tools that interpret the data.

Deliver and Action

Reports identify potential issues and where they are on your property.

Benefits of Drones for Powerline Inspections

Can be able to inspect the maximum area.

Higher-resolution visual inspections ( Photographs & Videos) than ground-based inspections.

Towers remain functional during inspection.

Greatly reduce human efforts and cost with drone inspection.

Saving 30-50% cost and time while using drone inspection.

Identify fault and orientation of all components of the tower without sending manpower.

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