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Railway Line Surveying & Inspection

Increase efficiency and safety with our Drone Solution


Get an accurate analysis of the land and material volumes to Increase efficiency,further analysis.

Geographically accurate

The integrated map gives an accurate representation, making it helpful to measure true distances.


Easely transfer land survey data to any digital asset management system for analysis.

Reduce cost & risk

Simultaneously save money while minimising the traditional risks presented to surveying teams.

Surveying & Mapping

Using Drone based aerial solutions for surveying and inspection delivers significant advantages for rail surveyors during rail maintenance operations. Ranging from rail track mapping, vegetation monitoring and network surveying, Drone solutions are helping to increase safety, speed up maintenance processes and reduce costs.Now a days transformation of the rail industry towards implementing technological innovations is growing fast.

What we offer ?


Railway Assets

  • Railway track inspection
  • Elevated structures inspection
  • Component deformation inspection
  • Track work monitoring

Rail Ecosystem

  • Rail bridge inspection
  • Track perimeter inspection
  • Vegetation growth monitoring
  • Rail station inspection

Benefits of Drones


  • Increase personnel safety
  • Less personnel exposure to track side work
  • Operational safety improvement
  • Less collision risk of rail maintenance vehicles

Reduce Cost

  • Mobilization cost saving of inspection vehicles
  • Less train wagon inspection
  • Reduction of track possessions
  • Less planning cost and no service disruptions


  • Fast and accurate data sets
  • Instant inspection reporting to remotely located surveyor
  • Digitalized workable data
  • Interactive data for predictive maintenance planning


  • Optimization of personnel planning and mobilization
  • Digital information support for ground crew advanced equipment planning
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