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Solar farm Inspection

The Achieving Maximum Energy Production and getting Return of Investment from your Solar Farms.

Safe & cost-effective

Reduce human errors and exposure to hazardous situations.


Deliverable results are compatible to Transfer any digital asset management system for analysis.


Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability.

Service & maintenance

Customer satisfaction and quality services, assistance with operational matters.

Solar Farm Inspection

The objective of the inspection is to identify the faulty/Damaged Solar Panels so they can be replaced by the manufacturers while they are in warranty, maximize output/efficiency and minimizing maintenance cost. We Eagletronics Aviation, Aerial Inspections to provide accurate and detailed inspections faster and more cost effectively.

"One of the most valuable things the drone does is allow us to inspect infrastructure without having to shut it down. This saves us hazardous man-hours, improves turnaround time by several days, and eliminates paperwork."

Ability to see further

Clarity on sub-structural defects

Direct comparison with optical image

Actionable repairs can be visualized


Aerial Solar Farm Inspection

Increase productivity and save time using our solution.


With experience flying PV projects, deploy Drones to collect data over the assets.

Process and Analysis

The sensor data is processed by photogrammetry tools that interpret the data.

Deliver and Action

Reports identify potential issues and where they are on your property.

Let's Look at Some Ways we Work Across the Solar Industry

During site development, drones collect data for topographic modeling, site shading assessment, water body and generator proximity, and soil type analysis to understand how optimized a site is for power generation.

For many solar plants, an annual inspection is a requirement and one of the most valuable uses of drones. As discussed in the previous section, drones can complete 100% IR inspections in a fraction of the time of typical manual inspections, while avoiding hazardous man-hours and providing better data.

Drone imagery is used to assess vegetation conditions between array racking. Locations where sample vegetation imagery was captured are displayed on a 2D map and images showing concerning conditions are flagged.


Benefits of Drones for Solar Farm Inspections

For Diagnostic purpose / planning of Panel placement.

Scan large areas with a short time frame using Drone.

Using drone inspection we can detect Potential problem areas.

With the help of Geo tagging, detect faulty modules easily in large areas.

Using drones,will typically reduce cost inspection by 30-50%.

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