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Construction Site Monitoring

For Synchronized and safer operations


Get an accurate analysis of the land and material volumes to Increase efficiency,further analysis.

Service & maintenance

Customer satisfaction and quality services, assistance with operational matters.


Easily transfer inspection data to any digital asset management system for analysis.

Reduce cost & risk

Simultaneously save money while minimising the traditional risks presented to surveying teams.

6 ways drones can be useful on construction sites



Construction site monitoring is the most common use for drones on active sites. With weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site visits you can obtain high resolution photography and video allowing you to “be on site” even when schedules prohibit.


Site Survey

We can take surveys of construction site with the help of Drone. Aerial capturing data without any disruption to daily activities, we provide 2D maps & 3D models to take decision by decision maker. We can provide centimetre level accuracy to helpful for ongoing and future construction sites.


Progress Reports

Completion of aerial inspection you get detailed report of the construction site for better analysis with the help of advanced technology.



Keeping track of equipment within a site of any size can be a challenge. Using Drone solution you can accurately inventory an entire site from the office using a computer rather than wasting hours navigating the construction site.



It’s important to know how much material will be entering and leaving your site. That’s why accurate volumetric estimations can be critical. With our drone solution it is easy to know how much material you have in your stockpiles can save time and money.


Structure Integrity

Allowing a drone to take stock of the quality of your pores and elevations is not only safe but practical. Documenting and inspecting for weaknesses cannot only help eliminate potential future problems; it can also save millions in the event of litigation.

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