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Customize Drone Solution

You have a specific drone use-case, but none of the off-the-shelf drones fit your needs?

–¬†then this service is for you.

Eagletronics Aviation Pvt. Ltd. is a drone solutions company based in Maharashtra, India. We provide end-to-end drone services with a key focus in the industrial space using our in-house built customised drones.

We are Passionate about automation, unmanned systems and its endless applications primarily focused on deploying fully autonomous unmanned systems which are smarter, safer and easier to handle than ever.

Maximising the value of data collection and providing better insights and analytics innovative methods. Process and futuristics approach to elevate conventional or traditional industrial standards and procedure of collecting data using unmanned systems and approaching new strategies to build a better business.

Thanks to our resources and our engineering department for fulfiling client requirenment with considering time bound.We are able to design and manufacture any necessary elements to carry a specific sensor in the air and also completely tailored made drones, in accordance to particular requirements.

We provides solutions for


Custom design ability including 3D CAD design of airframe, canopy and payload mounts. Thrust and flight time calculation including testing of key components.

Sensor Integration

Add custom sensors to the drone according to your business needs. We will design mechanical mount and power supply.

Multiple Flight Tests

Your customized drone will go through Multiple Tests. so that it will completely smarter, safer, easier to handle than ever.

Several projects have already been achieved in UAV Field

Among them are present:

Seed-Ball Dropping Drone

Contact us for more details

Surveying Light Drone

Contact us for more details

Wireless Megaphone Systems for Drone

Contact us for more details

Crop Health Monitoring with UAV

Contact us for more details

Delivery Drone

Contact us for more details

VTOL & Fixed-Wing for Industrial Use

Contact us for more details

Agricultural Spraying Drone

Contact us for more details

FPV Drones

Contact us for more details

Drones for Film Industry

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Feel free to contact with our technical team.

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