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Kisan Drone

Special Purpose Agriculture Spraying Drone

Safe & cost-effective

Reduce human efforts and exposure to hazardous situations.

Time Consumption

Reduce field time and provide safety.

Increase efficiency

Use Agricultural drone and increase work efficiency.

Service & maintenance

Customer satisfaction and quality services, assistance with operational matters.

Kisan Drone

The use of drones in agriculture is constantly expanding and saving farmers more time and increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Now Agriculture Drones are used to spray pesticides to prevent the spread of plant diseases. With long wingspan, and large spraying span can spray more land in same time. By using the drone pesticides can be sprayed on the farmland in just half an hour.

Time saving, Pesticides saving, Manpower being used more efficiently – all things that precision agriculture will bring to your operation, and by using drones in your agricultural business, you can maximize efficiency and your bottom line.

To improve your own agricultural business, Start using Drone based solutions.


Spray nozzles can be chosen according to the properties of each liquid to optimize atomization, energy efficiency, and the amount of liquid sprayed. The included nozzles are resistant to wear and can be used for thousands of hours without degradation. In total, the EA 10H has four nozzles, each placed directly below a motor. The downward airflow generated by the propellers accelerates the spray, increasing its reach.

Embracing Folding

The embracing folding structure can minimise the volume of the fuselage after folding, which is convenient for transportation and transition.

Fully Waterproof Body

The fuselage adopts an integrated waterproof design and supports washing. It is the world’s only plant protection drone that can take off under water.

Rugged and durable folding Design

The new folding parts are made of one-piece injection molding, and the structure is more stable and durable. The unique C-shaped arm fixing clip design can effectively avoid problems such as swinging and sagging of the arm during transportation.

10 Liter Capacity Tank

The capacity of Kisan Drone is to hold and carry 10L liquid at a time.

Precise control

The trajectory is more precise and the flight is smoother.

Strong shock resistance

Responding to various complex vibration effects.

Multiple redundant backup

Triple redundancy IMU, Dual redundant Barometers.

Noise reduction and power saving

Save 5~15% electricity & The flying sound is even smaller.

Kisan Drone Feature's

No calibration

Only Industrial sensor configuration, One time calibration

Attitude control

Double the stability of attitude control, More stable control, Better wind resistance.

Dual CPU configuration

Dual CPU configuration, More powerful processing functions.

Backup power

Main control supports backup power interface, More reliable power supply.

Different Needs, Different Modes

Higher Payload. Enhanced Efficiency

Intelligent Operation

Powerful System. Increased Safety.

Flow Meter

Intelligent control precise spraying

Offering easy field operations

Remote data transmission and image transmission (two in one)

Transmission range upto 10km (ground to air)

Adjustable Spraying Nozzle

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Optional Accessories

Camera with Navigational Lights

Centrifugal Spray Nozzle's

Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Terrain Following Radar

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