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What We Offer

At Eagletronics Aviation, we offers Drone solutions for variety of applications. UAV technology has proven its weight in gold in providing “cost-effective” & time-saving solutions in all industries it serves. Let us put our drone solution in your business to smart use and save your time and money.

Agricultural Servies

Reduce human efforts using Drones to Spray Chemicals, Aerial Mapping, Crop Monitoring

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Surveying and Mapping

Orthomosaic, 3D Model, Contours, Digital Elevation Model, Topographic maps

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Industrial Inspection

Wind turbine, Telecom Tower, Solar Farm, Powerline, Chimney & Tank Inspection

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Railway Track Inspection

Inspection, Mapping and Surveying of railway tracks.

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Safety & Security

Surveillance, Save Lives,  Accident mapping, Invisible threats, Crowd Monitoring

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Roads and Highways

Mapping, Surveying, Road Aerial Photography, Videography

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Construction Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring, Site Survey, Volumetric Calculation, Inventory, Structure Integrity

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Bridge Inspection

Improved visibility, Easy to deploy, Real-time Data

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Photography & Videography

Event Aerial Photography, Videography, Journalism, Tourism, Emergency Response

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We are a team of passionate professionals committed to delivering the best solution for our clients by being focused on all their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach.

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