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Drone solutions for Wind Turbine Inspection

Reduce Risk, Avoid Downtime and Increase Revenue

Safe & cost-effective

Reduce human errors and exposure to hazardous situations.


Deliverable results are compatible to Transfer any digital asset management system for analysis.


Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability.

Service & maintenance

Customer satisfaction and quality services, assistance with operational matters.

Wind Turbine Inspection

With the help of Drones, performing the surveying, inspection, and routine maintenance of energy infrastructure safely and efficiently while reducing costs and delivering greater value.
Offering safety hazards and reducing time and human efforts to carry out wind turbine inspections. Our help carries out regular inspections but also helps identify and gather data to support warranty claims. We assure you to give High-resolution photos and videos of the wind turbine. For a detailed analysis, our team provides an Inspection report to our clients.

How effects come across structural inconsistencies

Structural Preservation

Identify cracks and leading-edge erosion with high resolution cameras and sensors.

Assembly Errors

Detect assembly errors and reach dangerous or areas difficult to access with Drones.

Locate Defects

With the help of Drone you can easily identify defects.

Aerial wind turbine inspections using drones consists of 3 phases

Fly & Collect data

Analyse Images

Generate Report

Taking Condition Reporting to the Next Level:

Ability to see further

Clarity on sub-structural defects

Direct comparison with optical image

Actionable repairs can be visualized


Benefits of Wind Turbine Inspections

Higher-resolution visual inspections with drones compared to ground-based inspection.

Greatly reduce man hours and costs by automating inspections.

Safely assess the condition and orientation of all components of wind turbines.

Onshore and offshore wind farm remains functional during inspection.

Increase efficiency due to data accuracy and reliability, live streaming and 4k capabilities.

Drones collect the needed data for identifying and mitigating risks in power distribution in advance.

Save 30 – 50% of cost and time when doing a drone wind turbine inspection.

Safety of personnel – no need for them to ascend to height.

Real-time images and video feed can be transmitted to ground control station.

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