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UAV : Safety & Security

Drone solutions for situational awareness

Improved visibility

Provide useful insights and help emergency personnel stay out of harm’s way.

Easy to deploy

To respond faster and minimize danger to those in need of assistance.

Real-time awareness

Equipped with infrared and RGB sensors, detect individuals and help to rescue.

Accident mapping

A safe and reliable method of documenting crashes.

Faster documentation

To assist the Police/Govt. department in documentation using Drone imagery.

Accurate evidence

With the aerial data easily identify crashes and document the accurate evidence.

Benefits of Live surveillance

Monitor Scenarios and Activities

Safety of the public

Reduce crime rate

Track down criminals

Gathering clues and Evidence


Providing assistance for coast guards using Drone.

Faster Response

Reduce the danger to those in need of rescuing.

Optimized Visibility

Deploy Drones to locate unsafe persons faster.

Thermal Detection

Equipped sensors, ability to quickly spot individuals lost at sea/rever.

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