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“Drone surveillance by Eagletronics Aviation during Covid-19 Pandemic”

India is under lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus,It is impossible to know what is happening where especially now – when we are needed to keep just a little restraint and stay indoors. Drones can go the extra mile and do what exhausted and overworked officers from our protecting forces cannot – watch over our people.

Drones are proving to be a crucial tool in the functioning of law enforcement authorities and other government agencies which are deploying UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for carrying out surveillance, Announcement, sanitisation and to reach out to people, minimising the risk of infection for their personnel.

Drones can contribute to the current situation by helping the police and local authorities observe the zones – especially the host spots earmarked as high-risk areas and the highly dense areas such as the slums. Minimizing human contact by maintaining social distance is the best way to control the COVID-19 disease and ensuring.

We have completed Drone surveillance with the help of  Uttar Pradesh Police department  to help them in preventive measures. With the help of local drone team & Drone enthusiasts  we all have come together to help the Government of India tackle COVID-19 crisis using drones. 

In India with the help of Indian Drone Squad led by Mr. Nikhil Methiya (Director of Drone lab) more than 250 drone teams are working in 12 different states with the support of local government agencies to fight against coronavirus.

Overall in all states, Drone used for live surveillance helps the police and authorities keep abreast with all local activities. Drones are more efficient than normal beat patrolling. Drones can easily spot any untoward incident of theft or vandalism and act on the same immediately. 



For any further help, write to Mr. Vikrant Suryawanshi, Founder & CEO, Eagletronics Aviation :




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